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We all know that famous Rock Stars has a very tight schedule, as they tour around the world doing their concerts, Fan’s day and everything in between. Our Community has their very own rock stars(that’s how we felt during the tour). We had 3 events lined up for 3 days with 3 different locations  that a bit far away from each other. Let me Tell you the journey of our Rock stars over the weekend.

Mozilla Campus Tour: Colegio De San Juan de Letran – Calamba, Laguna

The start of our journey, September 20,2012 the first event we would do was in Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba, Rock Stars present in this event was ReMo PHL Eusebio “Jun” Barrun jr. , Joell Lapitan and I together with my Student Reps Ryan Ermita, Jyra Bulan, Joanna Balagot, Kenneth Sungcaya, Daryl Abulencia and Rofus DelaCruz. We know that this event would be another fun filled event as students fill up the venue.

Students of Letran Calamba

Students of Letran Calamba

Jun as always Starts the event with his AMAZING Keynote – a general overview of the community. and in between his presentation he gave freebies and Firefox T-shirt.

Rock Star Jun on his Overview of the Community

Jun on his Overview of the Community

followed by Joell on Firefox Mobile OS(B2G),

Rock Star Joell Lapitan on B2G

Joell Lapitan on B2G

and the last one was Me on Mozilla Student Reps Program.

Rock Star Kemuel Domanog on Mozilla Student Reps

Kemuel Domanog on Mozilla Student Reps

This was really a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge and our advocacy to our Alma mater. after this event. Jun and I readied our selves to another journey going far north. Muñoz, Nueva Ecija


Mozilla Web Day Conference:  Central Luzon State University – Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

With almost 6 hours of travel from Calamba, Laguna going to Muñoz, Nueva Ecija which is about 260km away. We arrived at CLSU at 3am in the morning of September 21,2012 and stayed at their beautiful Alumni Hostel. The Rock stars of this event includes ReMo PHL Jun, Ren Gabas, and I together with recently active Student Rep Sister Tandem, Shane and Ivy Aringo and a community volunteer.

Touchdown at CLSU grounds!

Touchdown at CLSU grounds!

This event was a full day event. A fully packed event for our Rock stars.  each ReMo has 2 sets of Presentation. one for the Morning session and another for the afternoon session. Students of CLSU had already been using open source technologies, like PHP and MySQL. Our Point Person for the event was Jojo Macabales, the acting director for the IT department, also a long time friend of Ren.

Ren Ren and Friends

Rock stars and our Point person sir Jojo

Students in CLSU had a great response on the team, every one was eagerly to learn from what the team had been imparting. they even formed a team for their very own Student Reps Group there. *clap clap clap*

The New Student Reps From CLSU

Student Reps hailing from CLSU

Ren also had a chance to let students of the school try localization. with only 67 new strings. students race their way to the top to get their Firefox Tshirt as a Prize!

Top 10 Translators

Top 10 Translators(rank)

The fun started from 8am and ended at 7pm. after that we immediately leave the vicinity and heads home for another event back South. Los Baños, Laguna.


Summer Code Party: University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Laguna

The team arrived at Edsa around 12am and every one of us heads home. I arrived at  home at 3am and still can’t sleep(lucky aren’t I). Slept at 4am woke up at 6am and left the house at 7am of September 22, 2012 a Saturday and heads straight to the nearest Jeep Terminal to go to Los Baños. With me is my sister Joyce Domanog.

We had been doing lots of Summer Code Parties since June 2012 and to end with a bang we had this huge celebration for it.Rock Stars present are ReMo PHL Jun, Joell, Bob Reyes,Faye Tandog, Melchor Compendio, Kevin Ventura, Jean Austin Rodriguez, and I together with Student Reps Jam Zulueta, Pau Guilalas, and Ralph De Leon. and another 3 Volunteers.

The crowd

The Crowd was filled with Student Developers

So what is difference? Well this time we had this Live Conference with our Asian Buddies(Japan, Indonesia,Bangladesh,Thailand and Malaysia) who are also celebrating their own Summer Code Parties.(Thanks to PREGINET) We gave 20, one year web hosting (Thanks to Solidhosting) as prizes, we made sure it would be a big event so we partnered with an awesome Telco and we also brought the Firefox Mobile OS demo Device with us.

Live Conference

Live Conference with Asian Buddies

Attendees are doubled as well as the freebies :D, Summer Code Party did end. but we the Mozilla Community would still Pursue on sharing, teaching our knowledge for the next generation of Web Makers.

Summer Code Party Attendees

Summer Code Party Attendees with the Mozilla PHL Pose

Mozillians Striking a pose!

Mozillians Striking a pose infront of Oblation

Mozillians Striking a pose infront of Oblation in UPLB

Thanks to all organizers of the events. you are the true Rock Stars out there! Cheers to every one!


What is Software Freedom Day? Does this Ring a bell to any one of you guys? Basically its a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software! also in this event we also get to know people or the community behind it.

Software Freedom Day

September 15,2012 one of the unforgettable date for the Mozilla Philippines Community. This was the date that we had co-organized several Software Freedom Day events, to be exact we had 20 scheduled events on that day from Aparri to Zamboanga, unfortunately we had 2 events cancelled and had to be moved, BUT! 18 events aren’t too bad isn’t it? especially if we are only 12 Representatives here in the Philippines.

This was the first Software Freedom day I had attended. It was a really an awesome experience to join this celebration. you get to know more of the Free and Open Source Software that would help us do our daily things without thinking of the cost. The Mozilla Philippines Lead by our own Community Manager Eusebio Barrun jr, Jean Austin Rodriguez , our Student reps Shane Aringo, Rhon Nepomuceno, Ghil Desuyo and I were the ones who attended.

Firefox Clinic Booth

Firefox Clinic Booth

Mozilla Philippines Student Reps

Mozilla Philippines Student Reps (L-R) Ghil Desuyo, Rhon Nepomuceno, Shane Aringo

Sir Jun also shared a brief overview of Mozilla’s Community(maybe the shortest of all presentations he had) *cough* *cough* 15mins *cough* *cough*

Sir Jun's presentation

We Put up a booth, Firefox Clinic. A place where you can ask questions if you have problems with Firefox, and or any related questions about the Organization. I had prepared 25 leaflets to share to interested students and professionals. but alas! 25 ain’t even a quarter of the attendees on that day.

Mozilla Leaflets

Mozilla Philippines leaflets for Software Freedom Day

One of the most Interesting part of the event was when Teddy Casiño visited and gave a presentation about the FOSS in Legislation also promoting his House Bill 1011, after that he then visited our booth, We gave him a Mozilla Tshirt. He told us that Mozilla Firefox is one of his favorite browser.

Congressman Teddy Casiño with Jean Rodriguez at Firefox Clinic Booth

We had lots of Sign ups for Student Reps too, waves and waves of students gather around our booth. in just a matter of seconds all of the leaflets are gone as well as our business cards.

Student Sign ups

Hello Students!

Student Sign ups 2

Hope we can work with you guys soon :)

Another part of our adventure was our Mission:Ambush Question. Lead by Jean, what we do? we roam around the vicinity to ask random students questions about Mozilla Firefox. those who answers correctly won Firefox ID laces and Pens

First Student we asked

Another student for Questioning

At the end of the day we all had fun. we learned a handful and shared our knowledge to others. thanks to those who visited our booth. See you guys and girls on our next events :)

Firefox is love

Firefox is looovveee =)

Are you the person who loves Ancient Rome? or perhaps have watched movies with Gladiators in it? Have you ever admired them of their bravery to fight against all odds? or maybe have you seen yourself in their place to try dueling even once without the dying part? Well here is a good news for you Glu Mobile’s Blood and Glory would surely give you thrill running down your spine and expect the crowd cheering for your victory!

Blood and Glory Logo

Image credit to:

The Company behind:

Glu Mobile is the leading Freemium game developer and publisher. They are also the company behind the famous games like Gun Bros, Deer Hunter, Samurai vs. Zombie Defense and of course Blood and Glory across major mobile platforms out there Glu creates high quality entertaiment exclusively for mobile devices(source). For your information  Freemium means the game is free to download and play but to be able to advance, access, and or be powerful and gain unique items you would need to pay with real money.


The game is set on Ancient Rome era where young man(the player) would fight for its life on the arena. players would work you way in surviving the tournaments, each tournaments have five fights where the player should battle his way through to win the tournament as Invictus. After each battle players would be awarded experience points for upgrading stats  and coins to buy better equipments.  There is an option to enter an Elite Tornament where the player can gain premium items when you won the tournament but it needs glu credits.

Blood and Glory Tournaments

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

 Interface and Combat System:

Blood and Glory Interface

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus

As you can see on my screenshot the Interface of Blood and Glory is laid out perfectly,I cropped out parts of the interface to better explain them to you.

Dodge Button

Dodge Buttons: The buttons are laid out on the left and right side of the screen, this button is used to dodge incoming attacks though this buttons are somewhat small that sometimes even in your mind you knew you pressed it but in fact you missed them slightly. The player could attain a successful dodge when he timed it at the right moment. and same direction of where the attack came from.

Block Button

Block Button: The Number inside indicates the Shield’s Power to block. The yellow bar above is the blocking stamina, in which when drained out it would not stop you blocking for a specific number of time.

Pause ButtonPause Button: Basically this button will allow you to pause the game in times of need and access the option menu, mini store and restart or surrender the battle or even quit the tournament. Beside the pause button the hp(health points) bar is laid out on opposite sides. Blue for the player and Red for the enemy.

Potion ButtonPotion Button: This button would let you access potions you bought using Glu credits. Health potions, Attack booster Potion, and Block booster Potion.

Special Attack ButtonSpecial Attack Button: This button allows you to use special attacks, the number indicates the power of the special attack, the maximum is level 3 and deals massive attack. The bar slowly fills up while fighting, it fills up more when you hit successfully.


Oh? is there something missing? The attack button? Not really! The combat system being used in Blood and Glory is swipe to slash, also included is parrying. there are 3 awesome combos that deal great damage.(combos are actually located on the option menu)

Graphics,Music and Sound Effects:

Blood and Glory Graphics

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

On Graphics they are not the best one out there but they are definitely good, runs smoothly on my device.  Impressive HD graphics(Bloody visuals on NR version). very gladiator-ish feel. Since the version I have is the NR(probably not rated) version when a player or the enemy hits you blood spurts out and stains the skin of your character as the battle goes on. if you bought a weapon with a decapitation stat it would only decapitate the head after each battle. though it gets boring on that part, because even if your last swing hits the body the head still gets cut!(whhaaaat?!)

Special attack animation

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – Level 3 Special attack

On Music it is very inviting, the sound effects are realistic enough to encourage us to play for hours. the character voices are awesome too. though I don’t know if those are real language or just random words. but all in all it is amazing.

Inventory System:

In Blood and Glory there is no storage for equipments. once you bought new items there is no way of taking it off or selling it back. you just need to buy a new one or re-equipped your previous items. The store has this continuous stream of items showing everything a player can buy, including those  Glu credit premium items and the bank for which you could buy Glu credits using real money. it can be filtered which items you want to see using the filter drop down menu located on the upper left corner of the store. Be aware that Glu credits are nonrefundable.

Blood and Glory Store

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – Blood and Glory Store

also located in the store is the character stats where you can upgrade your gladiator when you gain enough experience or buy skill points using real money

Blood and Glory Stats

Screenshot from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – Character Stats


Blood and Glory is an amazing game. has impressive HD visuals. good Sound effects and Music. A well-balanced game, not forcing anyone to wait for hours because of energy depletion or whatsoever. Glu gave players an option to buy credits or use in game currency. this means anyone can enjoy the game without spending real money. Even if it must be played online and lacks multiplayer mode and Story outline this still an awesome game to try.

I rate this product 4/5

Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages:



Download it here:

Blood and Glory for android