Kemuel Joseph Domanog is known simply as Kim to his friends and colleagues he is a Technology Lover & Gadget Reviewer, an Amateur photographer (Personal, Third Block Photography)  and Graphic Designer from Laguna,Philippines. He holds a degree in Information Technology from Letran – Calamba, a Fresh graduate(March 2012), He is 1/4 Chinese and the rest is Filipino

He started as a StudentRep(it was called Campus Reps back then) for Mozilla Philippines  in 2009 until he became Mozilla Representative (ReMo) on October 2011, Currently he has the role of the Firefox Student Ambassadors Lead, Creatives Lead and official Photographer of the Mozilla Philippines Community.

In Global Mozilla Community he is part of the Executive Board(eboard), VP for Communication and liable for responding to email queries about the program, also he is part of the App Curation Team for the Firefox OS Marketplace

Kemuel Domanog in ReMo shirt

You can Follow him online at Twitter, Tumblr,and Facebook

If you have any questions please do send Kemuel an email, send it to



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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Kim, what’s your email address? I just would like to pitch a photo release for one of our clients 🙂

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