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Last year Mozilla Philippines Community had visited a lot of schools. The team already conducted events on the 3 main Islands of the Philippines, when we visit schools there are lots of student volunteers sign-ups, they are all willing to share their time and talents for the Mozilla Community. and certainty this student volunteers also organizes their own set of events to promote Mozilla’s Mission and Products.

But then there is this thought in my head. that keeps buzzing up on me whenever I am with the student volunteers. it’s like there is something lacking to them. Then it comes to me. YES they are active in their own events and online meetings, but they never get to see other student volunteers in action, except if there is one BIG and MAJOR event.

Upon planning of the event the primary objective of this is for students volunteers to meet new friends, plan events together, and of course have FUN over a cup of coffee and pastries, and of course first round is and will always be free. (This event was held last May 18, 2013)Student Volunteers Meetup

So What made this event different from the rest of the meetups? Well One cool part of this event was there is an event that is held simultaneously in the same venue, the event is dedicated on the introduction and Demo of the FirefoxOSStudent Volunteers Meetup with PalmOS users

Second, the day before this event was held. The Firefox Student Ambassadors program was launched, active student volunteers can join the program and be the one resposible for promoting Firefox, FirefoxOS and grow the Mozilla Community on their schools. Student volunteers who are present during the meetup eventually  became the leaders of the Firefox Student Ambassadors Clubs within their schools. How’s that for Kick starting the project!

Firefox Student AmbassadorsThe Mozilla Philippines team updated them on what is happening on the community, including events that will be happening soon and in the near future. I also discussed to them the new features of the Firefox Student Ambassadors that is not found on the former project (Student Representatives)

Joell Lapitan Discussing the Development team's activities

Joell Lapitan Discussing the Development team’s activities

Me discussing the changes in the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program

Me discussing the changes in the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program

Goodie bags to the lucky student volunteers who had attended the event!

From Left to Right : Christian Mariano, Tina Verbo, Joshua Rubin

From Left to Right : Christian Mariano, Tina Verbo, Joshua Rubin

Group Photo of the Student Volunteers and the Mozilla Philippines Community

Group Photo of the Student Volunteers and the Mozilla Philippines Community

Thanks to all who supported the Student Volunteers Meetup! And I will assure you guys and girls there are more events like this to come! :)


As of January 2012 we had agreed on we would have to create three teams which we called The Power of 3, and Yes 2012 was a success with Engagement team and Localization team moving forward and rapidly expanding! and the Development team a bit slow.So I was thinking way before to at the very least establish a core group of volunteer developers to help the MozillaPH Development team to get started.

With the help of a student volunteer Marcus Ang who also specializes in development, we had discussed of a meet-up, at first we just had thought of a simple gathering of developers just to hear what the current trends in terms of development today and other events that might come for Devs ,and we reached the final decision to conduct a MozCoffee for Developers. I’ts almost 2 months of preparation and yes the day Finally arrived when MozillaPH Development team IGNITES!

Core members for the MozillaPH Development Team

The MozCoffee of the MozillaPH Development Team was held in our usual MozCoffee Spot! in The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the Two-ecomm tower. to begin I started a short spiel and introduction of myself. then for the latest news and updates of the Mozilla Philippines Community, The Community Manager Eusebio “Jun” Barrun Jr. IMG_3974

Followed by Robert “bob” Reyes to update them about the progress of FirefoxOS,


and last but not the least, Kevin Ventura for another short talk about the webmaker program


After this we had discussions on how we would make the team more active and move forward towards the future this is a milestone for the Mozilla Philippines Community. and now for those who received the shirts!

Marcus Ang of College of Saint Benilde

T-Shirt Winner: Marcus Ang

Allan Tolentino of Fluxion Inc.


Sep Sallao of Far Eastern University


and for the girls!

Charlee Cabusas a graduate of University of Sto. Tomas


Erika Gatmaitan also from Far Eastern University

So stay tuned for more updates from us! Always  if anybody out there who wishes to join this Team just ping me. And thanks to all those who attended our event! hope to see you all again! And now meet the core members of the MozillaPH Development Team!

Fluxion Mozcoffee

March 23 2013, the date where Joyce Domanog, spearheaded an event where her fellow Fluxion employees would get to know the Mozilla’s and the community’s effort here in the country,  most of the attendees are web and apps developers. The Mozilla Philippines Team who arrived at the event are Robert ‘bob” Reyes, Joell Lapitan, Kevin Ventura and the brother & sister tandem (me and Joyce).

We conducted the Fluxion Mozcoffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee shop at Two E-Comm tower Pasay City — the usual spot where we conduct our other Mozcoffee events, it’s like an unofficial HQ of the Team, to start the event I introduced Bob to do a brief introduction and General overview of the products of the community.

Fluxion Mozcoffee

Fluxion Mozcoffee

followed by Joell to discuss the Mozilla Web developer tools, most of them already uses the tools in Firefox but they still got amazed by the other tools they have not yet used like the 3D tilt, Scratchpad and Responsive view and a preview of the FirefoxOS simulator

Fluxion Mozcoffee

Fluxion Mozcoffee

followed by Joyce she introduced to them the FirefoxOS. with the help of Bob for the questions being asked by the Developers,

Fluxion Mozcoffee

Fluxion Mozcoffee

followed by Kevin for a lightning talk about Mozilla Webmaker project

Fluxion Mozcoffee

The Fluxion Mozcoffee was a success thanks to the attendees and the Remo’s who had attended.

Fluxion Mozcoffee

so you are guys would ask? where is the loud bang? well fortunately later that day there was a pyro musical event happening near and from our view we could see it for free~
Blaze Star

Fiery Fire

after that we all had our dinner, and went home after that, again thanks to those who attended the event and hope to see you again in the up and coming events of the community. Keep your Mozilla Fire Blazing!