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Last Friday, June 29, 2012, the students from Pamantasan ng Cabuyao in the department of Computer Engineering held their first General Assembly. A team of three from Mozilla Philippines Community revisits Pamantasan ng Cabuyao including two ReMo’s namely Jean Austin Rodriguez and Kemuel Joseph Domanog(me the photographer) and a volunteer Kathleen Joyce Domanog.

Before we head out to Naga City we headed first to the audio visual room of the Municipal hall of Brgy. Sala Cabuyao, where the event would take place.

Team Mozilla Philippines Preparation

Team PNC Preparation

Both Team Mozilla Philippines and Team PNC finalizes their preparation for the event, at exactly 1pm the participants arrived at the venue. From their 1st year students to their 5th year students arrived and Registration started, 97 students-participants had registered.

Registration started

After the doxology and everybody settled down Engr. Anna-Liza M. Fabello the Cpe Department Chairperson gave her opening remarks and also showcasing the presentation made by the 5th year.

Engr. Fabella on her Opening Remarks

Yazzo de Leon was the operator for the presentations,

Yazzo De leon the operator

The first speaker for the assembly is Jean Rodriguez, he presented his presentation Mozilla for Beginners, a general overview and introduction tailored for beginners and or students. but before he started his presentation we first handed down the swags(Mozilla Firefox stickers) to the participants.

Sharing the SWAGS

Jean shows Mozilla Manifesto

Jean Rodriguez presenting the mozilla manifesto

Mozilla’s Mission

Jean's Presentation

We also got a chance to demonstrate Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko since we also intend to bring it to Naga City. The students we’re surprised at the phrase “It would be ten times cheaper than Iphone4s”

B2G demonstration

Our B2G device is installed on Galaxy Nexus S, Engr, Fabello tried the B2G device as Jean Presents its capabilities to the participants.

Engr. Fabello with B2G

then after the presentation there is a Q&A portion where those who would ask questions would be given ID larnyards and Button pins, then Jean is awarded with a certificate together with Engr. Fabello and Charles Palma the ACoes President

awarding of Certificate

In summary the event was indeed a great experience, Students learned more about Mozilla’s projects and Innovations, Mozilla Philippines Community gained new set of friends to share our ideals and happiness, and we’ll all see each other on our next events in the future!

Naga City Here we come!

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After the two successful Campus Tours Jean and I did, we immediately think of another event for follow up for the students who attended the Campus Tours, Spearheaded by Jean he set the date and the venue. The date was March 24, 2012 and our Venue is at Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna at Starbucks. Jean Confirmed that there would be 7 students that would come from Pamantasan ng Cabuyao and I said that I would have 4 students coming from Letran-Calamba.

Jean and I are both excited for this event, As the days passed by the students from Pamantasan ng Cabuyao is settled and for the Letran-Calamba Team the students went down to 2 reps, the other 2 students has school works needed to be done immediately. The time that the meet-up would start is around 1am, Jean already headed to Nuvali to reserved seats for us, While me and the 2 students namely Jyra and Joanna left Letran at 12pm and arrived around 1:30pm at Nuvali.

We sat down and had a little chat, and ordered our drinks, the heat outside was so intense that even inside the coffee shop it was a little bit of hot. The students of PNC arrived around 2pm, we told them rest first and relax and also order their desired drinks.and so we started, Jean led it by giving a recap about what was been talked about on their Campus Tours and I barge myself when there is more explanation needed, generally we talked about what was being a student reps would be, we also planned about future events, ideas for the engagement team, shared tips for students, career and business.

Mozilla Student Reps Meet-up

Joanna and Jyra

(Joanna and Jyra was tasked to do the minutes of the meet up, THANKS GIRLS!)

Then the heavy rain started to fall and the coffee shop atmosphere became cold. And yes! part of our Meet-up was the brainstorming activity which we share ideas for our favorite browser, and how they would contribute to the community, the students identified what they want to share to the community, everyone wanted to be in the Engagement Team(YEAH!!) -there are developers,graphic artist and for advocacy. I also shared to the students the experiences I received being a Student Reps to becoming a ReMo. Question that were asked was about the benefits of being a student Rep.

Me Sharing my Experiences

We talked a lot and didn’t notice the time, it was already about 5pm, we waited for a while for the rain to stop but it just keeps on pouring on and on. Fortunately there was a 7-eleven store near by and grabbed some umbrella and off we go, We we headed out the streets to get a ride, we rode a tricycle and was dropped at Paseo de Sta.Rosa. The team thought we could all go home, unfortunately we can’t, Heavy traffic caused by flood, Heavy Rain and Zero Visibility. Ahh! by the way! Jean took a photo of us during that night in the rain with his handy dandy Samsung Galaxy Note

Smile makes the world a happy place

So we decided to eat at the home of the Firefox pizza the Big 30′s, but before we arrived there, Jean met his High school friends and they chat for a little while and went to the Pizza parlor. unfortunately we can’t order the pizza. The pizza is so special we need to order it atleast a day before.Every one had fun, extended our networks and even had a a full belly!

Dinner with Mozillians

That day was so awesome and one thing is for sure. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure for our community! Rock On Mozilla Philippines Community!

Have you ever felt so excited that you couldn’t sleep? That time seems to be slower and the clock ticks longer? I felt both on this campus tour.

The night before the event I was preparing my talk which is all about being a Mozilla Student Representative, my heart is beating fast and got nervous on how my talk would go. 3 years have passed since the last time I presented in front with my talk(Except for Thesis defenseĀ  that is). I did rest my eyes for an hour or so then prepared myself.

The hour came for me to leave my humble abode, and I am still powered by my excitement. This is going to be the first activity for me being a ReMo that adds up to my excitement. I would also be on Adventure mode because even if the venue is near my town I have never been on that part area before! (Thanks Google Maps for the quick response on directions!! :D)

As I arrived in the venue I was welcomed by a student-committee and led me to the place where the event would take place, there I saw Mozilla Philippines Team composed of Mr. Eusebio Barrun Jr, The Community Manager and Student Reps Earl Palad, Jerico Servo, Joanna Balagot. They are preparing the registration booth. I prepared my laptop because it would be used for registration purposes.

Preparing Registration booth

(I am the one with the Headphones, Kevin Ventura is the one infront of me, Beside me is Mr. Eusebio, Behind me is Joanna Balagot)

Registration started at exactly 9am, students lined up and were given swags. there were 27 students who have registered and a professor. Mr Eusebio barrun started his talk all about Mozilla for Students also included in his talk the general overview of the communityRegistration starts!

(Jericho Servo in purple shirt, Earl Palad in Campus Reps Tshirt)

Mr. Eusebio Barrun and his keynote

(he took almost 2 hours for his keynote, included there are the questions by the students. the audience were very active)

The next speaker is Mr. Jean Austin Rodriguez who shared Free Open Source Software on Resume writing, it was all about how can you pump up your resumes when you are helping Open Source Softwares like for example for L10n(Localization) if they have translated 5000 strings to tagalog it would be a great for the L10n team and would be like a badge for you to tell everyone.

Followed by RenRen Gabas who shared Add-ons for Mozilla. He shared to the students his top Add-ons he uses in developing sites, buying online and research. It was a short talk with lots of question from students who finds specific Add-ons like for running Javascripts

RenRen Gabas on Addons

I also acted as the Social Media updater. I used twitter and facebook

Kemuel Domanog as Social Media Updater

(that is my laptop,huge ain’t it :D)

Followed by Kevin Ventura who shared Web Dev basically its all about Web development and web designing, he also defined to them the difference between a Web App and a Web site, Shared to them WordPress. He also told them that Web Dev is like playing Lego “there are so many pieces and parts waiting to be used. You need to pick carefully the technologies for one to be able to create a web application/page” quoted from Kevin Ventura

The last to give a talk was me. It was really a short talk it basically wraps up everything. what is being a Student Representative for their University would be like, I just shared to students the benefits they would receive being a StudentRep, how to join the Student Reps Program and what could be their contribution to the community.

The Students who asked questions were given an additional Mozilla ID lace and Stickers, There are also raffles that were given away included are 4gb flashdrives, Headphones sponsored by Mr. Jean Austin Rodriguez, and for the grand prize was a year of free hosting and Domain sponsored by Mr. Robert Reyes

The event was Great! every one enjoyed and it seems that time just flew by that time! and DEFINITELY there would be a next event with them :D

Mozilla Philippines Team

Mozilla Philippines Team – Speakers and Student Reps doing the Mozilla Philippines Pose.