The Art of friendship: A bond that would last a lifetime

It’s beautiful how one perspective changes on an object of art. There would be people who appreciates art critically and those who just love how it evolves.But this story won’t be about how art evolved or what art is, this would be a short story on how one person I met on an event, became my friend then turned to the guy I had commissioned to create art for me.


An event from 2015 that we visited Bacolod, Me and my companions (Bob,Tina) traveled there as we were speakers for Moztour – an event where we Mozilla Representatives and volunteers visit School and provide talks about Mozilla and it’s technologies.

Gift of Art - MozTour Bacolod

Okay back to topic. I met this guy there ( The one in wearing Pink(?)). We got each others Facebook accounts, at that time I didn’t knew he is a designer too. Fred introduces this guy to me and told me that he is a good artist. At first I was skeptical, well maybe because I have not seen his works yet at that time.


Fast forward to year 2016 when I saw his art I was literally mind blown! I’ll show you his artworks later

Gift of Art - mindblown

I invited him to be part of my team of Creative individuals. He accepted my invitation and we started doing collaboration of ideas on how the team will be in the years to come. He did a handful of artworks usually for the holiday season. and I can say I’m proud to have him on the team.


Year 2017 came. he just got more skillful on his art, comes May of the same year,  My Girlfriend’s birthday is coming up on soon. I commissioned him. ask him to create a vector portrait of me and my girl. gave him some of sample photos and we both agreed to the photo we choose. When I showed the gift to my girlfriend, you can see how much she loves and adore the new art I gave to her!

here are some of his sample art.

Gift of Art - iamfufu1

Gift of Art - iamfufu2

Gift of Art - iamfufu3

This is the artwork I asked of him:


His name is Lance Patrick Lim. A good friend and a great artist. this is his Behance account, for commissions mail him at