The Baby Shark Dance is stuck in my head

The first time I saw this on conversation memes where one guy would call someone ‘baby’ and if the girl says “I have a boyfriend”.

The guy would add the ” shark do do do do do” to catch himself from the burning fire of shame. This meme was spreading like wildfire on social media.

baby shark dance meme1When I searched for it on Youtube I was Intrigued on how a song targeted for children from last year (June 17 2016 to be exact!) to be the talk of the town right now. At the moment of this writing the Baby Shark dance has 229,886,089 views!

Not sure entirely if it broke the internet. but the Baby shark dance’s video is hot and trending, that even the trolls have emerged in its comment section. (go get popcorn and soda, it’s a wild ride)

For some unknown reason the Baby shark dance is stuck in my head. It’s literally just staying there.

Here’s the video for your reference:

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Their videos are good for kids. so for the parents out there don’t forget to check their channel and subscribe to them, cheers!