Baptism of Arwen Cate

When I first heard of the news of the Baptism I got  excited, not only that a relative of mine would now be a christian, it would also be a time for me to practice my photography on an event. The couple of course had their own official photographer. I just butted in

March 11,2012. A special day for the couple Arnold Custodio and Christine Rubio-Custodio for it was the day of welcoming their daughter Arwen Cate to Christianity. The Baptism of Arwen Cate Custodio was held at Edsa Shrine, Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace. The Church has its own place for Baptism, located at the right side of the building. It was a small air-conditioned room with long chairs.

The Chairs

The Church has this equipment where the water will continuously flow, It is located inside another room where the Baptismal Rites would take place.

Equipment use for Baptizing

Before the Baptism Started I took shots of Arwen Cate’s Memorable moments. Since its my first time I had lot of errors in taking shots. some are under exposed some are overexposed. I toook the hang of it while taking shots. the room has this dim light so it is kinda hard for me to set the settings in Manual mode so sometimes I shift to Aperture Value. Here are Some of my favorite shots.

The priest secretary came and instructed the photographers where and when only they are allowed to take pictures during the Baptismal rites. Then I continue taking shots of Arwen.

Zooming on Arwen

I even got a shot while Arwen Cate is smiling while resting!

Smiling Arwen

After a while of taking shots the priest finally arrived, his secretary called each family one by one including their respective Godfathers and Godmothers. Luckily they are positioned in the middle making it easy for the photographers to take a picture of them.

Start of Baptism

The Priest started the ceremony. shoot some shots too but I would only show the important and memorable parts,

The Priest started the sacrament of baptism


Baptism of Arwen Cate

It only took about an hour for the baptismal rite to be done. Welcome Arwen Cate to Christianity! After the Baptism, We headed to Bistro Mateo for the Celebration of Arwen Cate’s Baptism, The food was already prepared, the delicacies are Great I love the food that they served. Then somebody handed out survey forms, I thought it would be for the Restaurant but it was for Arwen, the survey for includes which asset most resembles Arwen. does it comes from Mom or More of her Dad, the form alsi states that it would be read when the right time comes

This is my Favorite question on the survey, the origin of Arwen’s Name. It a wild guess though. I hope I am right 🙂

Origin of Name

Again in behalf of the family, Welcome to the Christian world Arwen Cate! May all your dreams comes true! God Bless you always!!

Welcome to the Christian World!


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