Celebrating My birthday with Razer Arctosa and Abyssus

It’s been months of window shopping and, decision making if I would buy myself the bundle promo of Razer. It started way back March the promo is a bundle of Razer Arctosa gaming keyboard and Razer Abyssus gaming mouse for a price of only PHP 2,500. I kept on visiting shops if how long the promo would last. still deciding if I should avail this bundle.As time passes by I heard the promo ended and I sulk around the corner blaming myself that I should have bought the bundle, But those Months of waiting was not wasted

May 8, after watching “The Avengers”  with my dearest sister, cousin and friend.  We ate late lunch then we wander around the mall visiting stalls and game parks. then before leaving the mall, I checked the PCEXPRESS stall again if they still offer the Razer Bundle, well they do not. But I saw this new shop called Edge and to my surprise it was a branch of pchub in gilmore.

There I saw Lots of Razer products, Steelseries, EPIC gaming pc towers etc, then I told my sister my story about the bundle. then one of the sales guy offered the bundle price to my sister. My sister quickly took the offer telling them “Since it would be my brother’s birthday on the 12th and since my brother loves Razer so much, bring out the bundle of Razer Arctossa and Razer Abyssus”.

Shot below was taken at my place 🙂

Well as of this moment I am happily Celebrating my birthday with my Razer. Special thanks to my Sister. This almost made me cry! 🙂 I love you more for that!

Razer Arctosa and Razer Abyssus

After my sister bought it I hugged it tightly while I wear my very wide smile with teary eyes. took it home fast and opened it with care. here are some of the pictures

Razer Arctosa

Razer Abyssus


Reviews for Razer Arctosa and Razer Abyssus would be posted soon, so guys stay tuned 🙂