Drafts Mastery level: 9000

It’s been a while since I had posted a new content here on my blog. the reason? well I do have a lot of drafts! I mean I kinda love drafting those blogs that I supposedly posted a day, week or a year ago, and in the back of my mind when I saved these drafts I always think ofย  “I’m bored… gotta do [insert random excuse here]”, or ” I’ll finish this later” and most favorite excuse “uggghhhhhhh… I’m hungry! oh look food”. but then when I would remember from time to time that I have lots of backlogs, I have a courage to look. but always back out on finishing them.

drafts from way way back
drafts from way way back

Some lessons I learned from keeping a huge amount of drafts:

Number 1: You’ll lose a great percentage of readers!

Of-course you’ll lose readers silly! Why you may ask? simple! your frequent visitors will lose patience waiting for your next update! Visitors you earned when you’re still active in posting blogs will probably be gone, and you’ll have to market your blog site again. starting from zero or a few friends (if you have friends that is)

Number 2: You’ll probably forget what had happened on the post you had save in the drafts

Do you have a sharp memory? Try to remember events that happened a day or two would be easy. how about a month or two? If you have a good memory, well good for you! but for example try to remember things that happened about a year ago? You might remember small pieces of the event but not the entire memory. (unless you’re a cyborg, where you install memory cards in your brain)

Number 3: You’ll lose interest finishing the drafts (specially those blog posts for #throwbackthursday)

In our everyday lives there are lots of things that happens and there will be a time the you’ll experience something different and that may change you in some way, what you like a year ago will be probably be different in the things you do today, that would give you harder time to finish a specific draft that you already lost interest in!

How to Avoid them:

Getting things done!

ToDo Lists

It will probably help you finish your blog post by making a to do lists or an outline on how you will easily track what you need to write down, it doesn’t need to be all fancy wancy, just a simple list will do!

In case of Author’s Block, DON’T PANIC!

At the time of writing, I already dealt about 2 author’s block! (Seriously Brain! Work!) … So what to do? In my honest opinion, immerse yourself in inspiration, If you love music, go dive into your most fave tracks!, If you love reading books, go read a book. do anything that inspires you and never press the I quit button! If you let your author’s block beat you, there will be sea of drafts coming to you!

Saving in Draft is Essential But!,

Don’t get me wrong guys and gals, saving in draft is an essential part of blogging, drafts are our so called “work in progress” of-course, nobody would want to post something unfinished or have not yet reached it’s perfection. The main point of this blog post is to avoid keeping the blog in the “work in progress” state and just finish what is necessary at the right time.


That’s about it! don’t be in the Drafts zone forever! Publish it away!!

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