How it all started…

So what’s my story? how it all began? from being a student representatives to Mozilla Representatives… here how it goes,

It was a hot afternoon on the year 2009, I was wandering around the halls of my school looking for a place to stay and burn my 5 hours vacant time, luckily I bumped to one of my classmates( and now my best friend) Kevin he invited me to visit Jun in his office, I did not asked what we would be doing since I am finding a place to stay.

Jun’s office is located on the top of the main building so it would be long way from the first floor. We tried using the elevator but unfortunately that time it’s out of service, our only choice now is to use the stairs. It’s like doing a cardio exercise. 4 floors would really make you sweat. as we entered the hall. his office is located at the top. so another staircase up. (*huff huff huff*)

Jun welcomed us and told and to rest for a while(that’s his usual greeting for anyone who comes to his cave HAHAHA!), we talked about usual tech stuffs and school activities and then he opened about Mozilla and telling us that there is a local community and they are looking for contributors and there is no Membership Fee it just need a little bit of our time. I did not say yes at that moment. I kept telling Jun I will check it out and try it sometimes… several months passed and I ‘checked out’ the community

July 31 2010, We are invited to join the first community meetup down south led by the former Community Manager Regnard Raquedan, along with us is a close friend Ruth Tiangco, Joell Lapitan we came as the new student representatives from Letran. and look what we had as a community Milestone the very first Firefox Pizza 🙂


then there were bunch of small Mozilla sponsored events on our IT Department. including the general overview of the Mozilla Community in the Philippines spearheaded by Jun.

April 16 2011, The first ever Major event that I had attended being a Student representatives, The Firefox 4 launching held at Asian Institute of Management. I get to meet and have lunch together with Gen Kanai the Director of Asia Community Engagement for Mozilla and the rest of the Mozilla Philippines crew.

September 22,2011, I applied to be on Mozilla Representative Program and was accepted on October 13 2011 one of the very first here in our country.

November 19, 2011, While the Mozilla Philippines Team were in Kuala Lumpur for the Mozcamp Asia. Student Representatives Daryll Abulencia, Kevin and I were attending the App congress at Xavier. where we meet lots of developers with their cool apps.

January 13 2012, we had a year end meetup( supposedly the pre-xmas party but well nevermind… HAHAHA) held at Rack’s Alabang. Discussion was focused on The Power of 3. This was the date that I simply would not forget. It’s amazing to think a small group of individuals be able to do great things for just a year

Mozilla Representatives: More Fun in the Philippines

This meet up was the start of everything we had done this 2012,  including Mozilla Campus Tours, Open Web Days, Mozcoffees and different trainings. One of the most amazing things that happened to us was being invited to join the MozCamp Asia 2012 in Singapore, where every thing was FREE(yes EVERYTHING!! from airplane tickets to hotel accommodations).

you might ask me on how I contribute? Well when I was still starting out I helped on Social Media Marketing, re-tweeting tweets from Mozilla Philippines Community, sharing and liking posts. then I act as the not so official photographer of the group.

Then as I move myself up and started giving talks from small to a large audience. tracks bugs on Mozilla products, Joined army of awesome. leads awesome student representatives.

these contributions I have made might not be that grand, and not even that hard to do. but think of it this way, when small contributions are gathered together they create a big impact to the community :).

You, yes YOU. the one reading this blog. why not share a little bit of your time and join our community? try watching our Manifesto below 🙂

if you are interested you can join us at these channels:

Facebook Page
IRC: #mozilla-ph (here’s how to join)

With all that said. I am Happy being with the Mozilla Family hope to see you guys and girls in action 🙂