Mozilla Firefox 13: Behold a new experience

2 days ago June 6 2012 Mozilla Firefox 13 was launched. Our Well beloved browser now offers redesigned homepage and a new tab experience.

The Redesigned homepage now provides easy access on your Add-ons, Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Settings and Sync preferences with a click of a button.

Redesigned Homepage

For the new tab experience, newly opened tabs now shows the thumbnails of your recently and frequently visited sites:

New Tab Experience

You can save the tab thumbnail by pinning it, reorganize by dragging tabs, removing tabs would be replaced by other sites visited. Additionally an elegant new feature isĀ  Smooth Scrolling lets you scroll at your page with ease.

Pinning tabs

What are you waiting for? Update Now to experience this Awesome Features!

New to Mozilla Firefox? Download here: Mozilla Firefox

Additional Information on the update is Located here: Release notes