MozTour in UST

After a year of amazing events, 2013 has come to passed, but here we are in 2014 as we have our first MozTour of the year for the University of Sto. Tomas. The University is one of the first to adapt the Firefox Student Ambassadors program as well as pioneering the Club system. UST is one of those with most active members in the country! Enough with the Introductions and let’s dive in in the event itself!

This is a typical MozTour event, where it acts as an eye opener to those new to the Mozilla Community, The usual topics discussed are, Mozilla Philippines Overview which was presented by Bob Reyes, the discussion is all about how the Mozilla Philippines Community started up to the latest news which is the FirefoxOS

MozTour in UST

The next one to present was Aaron Cajes, where he discussed all about apps development on the Firefox OS,

The next in line for this MozTour was Ryan Ermita for the Webmaker Project

next one is Faye Tandog representing all women in the community for discussing the Women & Mozilla, The WoMoz Project

and of course! last but not the least, ME *self clap* I presented the Firefox Student Ambassadors program, including the current situation of their club and as well as the activities of the global community

Another successful MozTour added for the year! more of this Tours for the coming months!