New Firefox Nightly Wallpaper

Since the release Sean Martell’s Fox Robot and the desktop wallpaper version, Mozillian friends of mine have ask me to create a version for our mobile phones; Who am I to resist an awesome design from the great Sean Martell? So far I made few layouts from phone sizes that was provided by my friends.

Just click on the following dimensions:
[1440px x 2560px]

[720px x 1280px]

[1080px x 1920px]

[750px x 1334px]

[240px x 320px] < — 3310 2nd Gen hahaha

But would it be better if you can create your own wallpaper on your mobile phone? Sure I’ll teach you in just 10 easy steps! In Photoshop or any other photo editor. I’ll provide the “Source Files” later on.

1.) Open the software of your choice.

2.) Create a new PSD file (File>New)

3.) Enter the right dimension of your phone screen on the width and height section. for this tutorial sake I’ll use 1440px x 2560px

PSD new Layer


4.) [Green Arrow] First Click on the foreground color and set the hexcode to #08306e while the background color’s hexcode is #15689e

Firefox Wallpaper - PSD fg/bg color

5.) [Red Arrow] Find the Gradient tool bar (or Press G / Shift+G) until the icon is similar to the one in the photo. Click somewhere near the bottom of the file and hold shift then drag up. (Note: Test until you get the perfect gradient you like)

Firefox Wallpaper - Gradient/colors

6.) Next drag from your folder the FoxRobo to the workspace; Resize as needed. (Note: Hold shift while dragging the small box on the corners for a better result on resizing.)

Firefox Wallpaper - placing FoxRobo

7.) Create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) let’s name it Stars, then find the brush tool[Green Arrow] (or Press B) then just get the default circle brush preset and make sure to choose a small size brush. Also take note that the Stars layer should be selected.

Firefox Wallpaper - PSD brush Tool

8.) Now you just have to click the brush on the dark part of the gradient. make sure to adjust the size of the brush from small (press ” [ “) to larger (press ” ] “) to have variance on star size. It’s up to you where you want to put the stars on your wallpaper.

Firefox Wallpaper - Placing Stars

9.) Now like in step 6, drag the Foxstellation on the workspace and resize as necessary.Firefox Wallpaper - Placing Foxstellation

10.) For the final step you just need to add the Firefox nightly logo and repeat the same step from step 9. you can also add the link to nightly if you wish to, but it’s optional.

Firefox Wallpaper - placing firefox nightly logo

“Source Files”

[Assets] [PSDs] [Phone Version] [Desktop Version]

. . . and there you have it! A nice and new Firefox nightly wallpaper for your mobile phones! If you have any questions feel free to comment below.