Photographing events – how to capture the moment

Being an aspiring photographer, I’m always excited to be invited to events as it means I get an opportunity to practice my skills. I have already come up with a few ways to enhance the quality of my event photos and here are my tips so far.

When I am taking photographs of people, I like to first of all make sure everyone is happy to have their photograph taken. That way they will all look relaxed and happy to be there and my photographs will come out looking better. The next thing to think about is who you should focus on. If you are documenting a party with friends from work or, you should focus on everyone involved, whereas if you are taking photographs of a wedding, then you will want to focus mostly on the bride and groom.

It is also a good idea to get a few overview shots of the whole scene. Step back and zoom out, so that you can really capture the atmosphere of the event as a whole. Try and do it at a time when everyone is doing something interesting, or at least in the same place. You can even try and get everyone to stand side by side and pose for the camera.

However, it is also a good idea to get some natural shots of people at the event. Try taking shots from different angles and playing around with the settings on your camera. Catch people laughing and talking to each other, so that you can really capture the essence of what it was like to attend the event. Keep smiling and interacting with people, and when you take photographs, make sure you tell everyone how great the photographs are looking.