Planet Advertising Business Card Review

Have you ever bought a business card that is not worth your money? was it too thin? or was it just printed on a paper that is inexpensive? Well worry no more! Planet Advertising is here to answer your call!

Planet Advertising was referred to me by Robert “bob” Reyes when I saw his glossy and great looking Business card, I was intrigued by how it was made and printed, the craftsmanship is very professional, Highly recommended if I must say, and a thought comes to my mind when I received my own set of the business cards, why not do a review of the cards I got? So I test it in every possible way that you guys would bring a business card.

  1. Put in pocket – When we give business cards to our prospective clients there is a big chance that they don’t have a place to store the business card you gave, so likely they would put in their side pockets or back pockets,  if it was an ordinary printed business card surely it would be all crumpled and the worst part if it will be torned. Planet Advertising’s business card passed this test I did, I was surprised that the card given to me by Bob is still in one piece, not crumbled, not torn apart. right after I removed it from my pocket, you can certainly see that the card was bent to a curve. but with just a little magic touch!(haha! I just applied pressure to make it straight)  here how it looks like now.

    Bob's Business card by Planet Advertising
    Bob’s Business card by Planet Advertising
  2. Rainy Season – There would come a time where we meet new people out there in conventions,conferences or seminars we attend to. And there would always be a time where the skies would just darken themselves and just pour it out, those business cards you give will just turn to normal stained cardboard or just an unknown material. BUT! Planet Advertising’s Business card just blew me away with this little test I did just minutes ago. I got curious how it will do when the business card gets wet or splashed by rain. ( I actually tried it in running water but I don’t have somebody with me to document the simulation)
    My Business card rain simulation
    My Business card rain simulation
    Bob's Business card rain simulation
    Bob’s Business card rain simulation

    my old business card
    my old business card (see the difference?)

That’s the things I had tried so far, and I am still amazed how the test went. I’ll say it again Planet Advertising’s Craftsmanship is AMAZING!  I highly recommend their services. before I end this review here are some photos I  took after I dried the cards (5 minutes simulation).

My Business Card with lights behind
My Business Card with lights behind
Bob's Business card with lights behind
Bob’s Business card with lights behind
old Business card with lights behind
old Business card with lights behind
Old Business card after 5 minutes of simulation
Old Business card

*Bob’s Business card is different in colour because that’s the one he ordered in rushed for an event,  it has only one coating. but still it’s quality is Top-Notch


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Thanks Again! Planet Advertising!

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