Review – MiLi Power Crystal

Are you the type of person who is always on the road? traveling a lot? do you always bring lot of gadgets with you and have problems finding a place to recharge your device? Well Girls and Boys I have a special news for you. Check this out! my Review – MiLi Power Crystal, is a portable battery pack designed to charge iPhone, iPod touch, iPod series and other gadgets you own.

MiLi Power Crystal

The Power Crystal includes a carrying pouch for easy transportability and a USB cable to connect the 6 tips.

  1. iPod/iPhone
  2. Mini USB
  3. Micro USB
  4. Nokia Tip (the smallest)
  5. Sony Ericsson
  6. LG

MiLi Power Crystal is also designed to be light and it comes with this larnyard holder, it has 4 LED ligths that represents 25% of the battery of the device with the push of a button.

MiLi Power Crystal @ 75%

MiLi Power Crystal ha a capacity of 2000mAh the charging time is about 4.5 hours,  the power of this Power Bank really exceeds my expectations when I first used it, I was able to charge a fully drained iPod touch 4th gen for a bout 1 and half an hour and yes it drained all the power of the Power Crystal.

I already own a MiLi Power Miracle, it has the same specification of the Power Crystal the only difference is on the design. I first bought the Power Miracle and endorsed the Power Crystal to my sister.

Power Miracle and Power Crystal

We both enjoy having MiLi Power banks as our power back-ups when we travel, its portable, handy and Quality wise – AWESOME. And btw, I did mention earlier that this is for multiple gadgets right? Ill share to you one awesome thing that I tried with MiLi Power Crystal.

Yesterday we suffered from Brownout for about 3 to 4 hours, me and my sister got really bored, nothing to do and the weather is really hot. So to my curiosity I brought MiLi Power Crystal a Genius Portable Speaker and iPod classic to the test, plugged everything in place and as I turned the volume up for on the iPod Classic, the music started playing! I was again amazed at the Power of the MiLi Power Crystal.

MiLi Power Crystal Powering a portable Speaker

What are you waiting for guys? Get your own MiLi Power Crystal or any of their products. bought the Power Miracle and Power Crystal for P1,650 at Power Mac. you could also visit their website by clicking here

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