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Having a hard time choosing your headphones? Do you want it to be comfortable or do you want it to look good on you? are you searching for a gaming headphones and also can be used as Music headphones? Worry no more! Presenting Razer Orca the expert gaming and music headphones.

Razer Orca with cdr-king storage box

The package includes:

  1.  Headphones
  2. Certificate of authenticity
  3. Manual
  4. Stickers
  5. 2meter extension cable(Gold plated input/output)

Razer Orca with box

Razer Orca is designed for style and comfort, Dressed in Vibrant Green, a definite head turner when you walk around the street or the mall. This headphone is not just for gaming it is also for music.

I tried the headphones in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare 3 I was absolutely amazed on how it delivers the sound in my ears. I can hear every footsteps where the enemies would appear. Also I tried it on Skyrim. when you pass by civilians on a town, you can clearly hear what they are telling you. and the dragon shouts you do feels like it is real

On the Music part, even if you crank the volume up, the sound quality does not change. It still gives amazing response, though the Razer Orca is not entirely noise isolating headphone( Razer cares for our health) and gives me hard time to hear music if for example I’m riding a Jeepney. but if it is only in sidewalks are mall it cancels some of the noise without turning the volume on the highest level.

Razer Orca Build 1

Razer Orca build 2

The Design of the headphone is pretty good, the joints are sturdy and the cable is braided. If you would notice the side of the headphones it has a mesh grille with its logo. the surface of this headphones might look like cheap plastic but I tell you it is not. and the entire surface of this headphone has a matte finish. The ear-cups completely covers your ears and the soft foam padding is VERY comfortable! great for extended listening sessions and it is one of the feature of Razer Orca that I loved the most. it feels like having a pillow pressed on your ears.

Here are some of my friends and family who have tried and loved the Razer Orca.

Ernest Marquez with Razer Orca

Ernest Marquez is the one who introduced me this Baby, Thanks bro!

Joyce Domanog with Razer Orca

Joyce Domanog my sister plugs the headphone in her ipod classic while playing on Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

Good Domanog with Razer Orca

Good Domanog plugs the Headphone on his Ipod Nano 6th gen

This headphone is a good choice. not just for gaming. also for music. you can buy this headphone for P2,800 at any PCEXPRESS branches. for more details about the product click this link

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  1. rcpanol

    Hahaha epic. 🙂 pag daan ko ng letran kanina, it’s either fake beats or Razers ang suot ng mga tao. 😐 eitherway, nice review. 😀 astig ung razer keyboard mu. 🙂

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