Software Freedom Day at UP Diliman

What is Software Freedom Day? Does this Ring a bell to any one of you guys? Basically its a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software! also in this event we also get to know people or the community behind it.

Software Freedom Day

September 15,2012 one of the unforgettable date for the Mozilla Philippines Community. This was the date that we had co-organized several Software Freedom Day events, to be exact we had 20 scheduled events on that day from Aparri to Zamboanga, unfortunately we had 2 events cancelled and had to be moved, BUT! 18 events aren’t too bad isn’t it? especially if we are only 12 Representatives here in the Philippines.

This was the first Software Freedom day I had attended. It was a really an awesome experience to join this celebration. you get to know more of the Free and Open Source Software that would help us do our daily things without thinking of the cost. The Mozilla Philippines Lead by our own Community Manager Eusebio Barrun jr, Jean Austin Rodriguez , our Student reps Shane Aringo, Rhon Nepomuceno, Ghil Desuyo and I were the ones who attended.

Firefox Clinic Booth
Firefox Clinic Booth
Mozilla Philippines Student Reps
Mozilla Philippines Student Reps (L-R) Ghil Desuyo, Rhon Nepomuceno, Shane Aringo

Sir Jun also shared a brief overview of Mozilla’s Community(maybe the shortest of all presentations he had) *cough* *cough* 15mins *cough* *cough*

Sir Jun's presentation

We Put up a booth, Firefox Clinic. A place where you can ask questions if you have problems with Firefox, and or any related questions about the Organization. I had prepared 25 leaflets to share to interested students and professionals. but alas! 25 ain’t even a quarter of the attendees on that day.

Mozilla Leaflets
Mozilla Philippines leaflets for Software Freedom Day

One of the most Interesting part of the event was when Teddy Casiño visited and gave a presentation about the FOSS in Legislation also promoting his House Bill 1011, after that he then visited our booth, We gave him a Mozilla Tshirt. He told us that Mozilla Firefox is one of his favorite browser.

Congressman Teddy Casiño with Jean Rodriguez at Firefox Clinic Booth

We had lots of Sign ups for Student Reps too, waves and waves of students gather around our booth. in just a matter of seconds all of the leaflets are gone as well as our business cards.

Student Sign ups
Hello Students!
Student Sign ups 2
Hope we can work with you guys soon 🙂

Another part of our adventure was our Mission:Ambush Question. Lead by Jean, what we do? we roam around the vicinity to ask random students questions about Mozilla Firefox. those who answers correctly won Firefox ID laces and Pens

First Student we asked

Another student for Questioning

At the end of the day we all had fun. we learned a handful and shared our knowledge to others. thanks to those who visited our booth. See you guys and girls on our next events 🙂

Firefox is love
Firefox is looovveee =)