Unbelievable Shy boy and Friend shocks the audience

This is a Perfect Example why the English idiom “Don’t judge the book by its cover” was made

Jonathan Antoine a 17 year-old 280 pound nicknamed Shy boy together with his partner Charlotte Jaconelli who would sang The Prayer, at first you could see in the scene that the audience seems to be bothered why they let them enter the stage,even Simon Cowell at his first sight of the Duo judge them already. The time has come for them to show what they got. when the music starts Jonathan started too early and Charlotte just smiled at him and then they start.

You can see in the Audience faces how they are WOWED by the Duo’s way of singing, how Jonathan performed and how the voice of  Charlotte compliments with his partner, his performance even made Simon Cowell happy about the performance that you may get to see once in a blue moon. and the audience and even the Judges gave Jonathan a standing ovation  for his performance. he is really Unbelievable

Jonathan Antoine also the sweetest friend you’ll ever have, when Simon told Jonathan that Charlotte might hold him back and should just have dump Charlotte but Jonathan responded to Simon, “We came he as a Duo, and we’re going to stay here as a Duo”. Jonathan might be the next Susan Boyle of Britain’s got talent


(Credits to Uploader)